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Who is BT Homes?
We are a top selling team in the Lake Norman area – we specialize in Short Sales, meaning we help homeowners sell their home without bringing any money to closing if they owe more on their home than it is currently worth. We will list your home, we will sell it, and we will negotiate with your bank(s) to accept less than what you owe them. We have been handling and negotiating short sales since 2005. Since that time we have successfully closed on 95+% of our Short Sale transactions. Homeowners hire us because they understand the value that we offer. This value comes from our experience, results, and a systematized process.
As a team, we have over 10 years combined experience in negotiating and successfully closing Short Sales. All of the Short Sale negotiation is done “in house”. We do not send any of our files to a 3rd party Negotiation Company.
Currently, about 65% of our business is Short Sales. More than 95% of our Short Sale listings successfully close. While we will never guarantee that we can close every Short Sale (and we think you should be really leery of anyone that tells you they can), we strongly believe that if it is a deal can be done, we will get it done!
We believe that we have a Short Sale process that is unsurpassed in the Lake Norman area. We are here for you, beginning at our initial consultation all the way through to the closing. We have a process in place that delivers results and aims to eliminate any potential problems. To get this process started right away, please contact us today by completing the Short Sale Request Form or take a look at our Homeowners Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here.

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